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Obsessive Cycling Disorder (OCD) is a recently developed branch of the long standing and iconic Matamata Saddlery. Dedicated to the production and supply of completely enclosed bike covers and racks for van and towball mount transportation, we have now added transport bags for folding E-bikes to our offering. Manufactured in our Matamata factory, OCD covers are designed to fit without flapping, and encapsulate your bikes on all sides for maximum protection from the elements and prying eyes. It is our mission to have every cycling  adventurer equipped with the easiest and best protection for their prized bikes. We will help you to get out there and make the most of our fantastic outdoors no matter your age or physique.



Our covers are manufactured in  high quality  waterproof 600 denier Kodra Oxford Polyester with a PVC backing, to patterns that have been adapted specifically for each rack design.

The uniquely shaped  handlebar pouch is common to all of our covers and allows us to fit the cover snugly to the contour of your bikes, reducing flapping and road noise. The curved wheel arches will accommodate a 29" wheel or the increasingly popular 27.5" wheel fitted with large off-road tyres. Pedal covers are supplied to protect the cover from abrasion against sharp pedal edges and prominences. The series of adjusters around the side allow you to tension the cover if you have a smaller bike or bikes of different sizes. 

Great care and innovation has been applied to the closure of the cover to ensure that the mechanism on your bikes is protected from road grime and dirt. Closures  are easy to get at and use, while also offering you a degree of security. 

We are always looking to expand our offering so if your rack isn't represented here or you have a unique need then please contact us and talk about how we can create a bespoke solution for you. 

Peter Gates, designer at OCD covers


Peter is the brains behind our covers. With a background in optics, Peter has a keen eye for form and function, with aesthetics being as important to him as practicality.  Thinking through every problem and option, Peter has come up with the unique design solutions that make up OCD covers. He will be only too happy to listen to any suggestions that you have to make OCD covers even better.

Debra Gates, sales adn marketing at OCD Covers


Debra takes care of the practical side of the business managing the marketing and shipping. With Pete she is very excited to bring you the innovative OCD range of products and looks forward to seeing you at the many caravan and motor-home events and outings that we will attend.


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Let us know if you haven't been able to find the solution that you are after. We custom make covers for any racks and will work with you to achieve a solution that fits your situation. Peter is open to new ideas for products so if there is anything else that we can make for your camper then please let us know by filling out this form or calling Peter on 0272 918 106.


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