Fiamma Pro-C Cover



Handlebar Orientation

The OCD Fiamma cover is manufactured from 600 denier Kodra Polyester Oxford with a
PCV laminated inner layer for extra strength and waterproofing.

The cover is designed to take two bikes with 29" wheels or 27.5"
wheels fitted with fat tyres. Handlebar pockets allow for a closer
fitting design to avoid flapping and road noise. The five straps around
the sides of the cover can be adjusted to tighten the cover further,
which is especially useful if you only have one bike on are carrying
bikes of different sizes.  It is recommended that the straps are not
over-tightened as tension over the pedal and deraillier areas may cause
rubbing and abrasion to the inside of  cover. Pedal covers are supplied
to further protect the inside of the cover from internal abrasion during travel.

Cover Fitting

Fit the cover by opening the zips on either side around the wheel arches and undoing the tensioning straps.  Remove the pedal covers fromtheir position on the inside of  the covers at the centre bottom and place them securely over the pedals on that will sit against the cover.

Place  the cover over the top of the bikes, locating the handlebars in
the pockets and feeding the tongue through the centre back between the vertical van-mounting bars.

Close the zips from the   front at each end, then bring the tongue through under the bottom and secure the three side release buckles to their partners on the front of the cover. Adjust the tensioning straps, taking care not to over-tighten and you are ready to travel.

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