Thule Lift (manual) Cover



Handlebar orientation

Made from durable Kodra 600 Denier polyester fabric with a PVC backing, this cover is designed to fully enclose two bikes on a manually operated Thule Lift rack.

OCD Covers have a universal handlebar pocket that will accommodate an 800mm wide straight mountain-bike or the curved handlebar set of the cruiser bike range.

Ideal for wheel sizes of 26"- 29", five adjustable straps around the sides allow you to tension the cover as required for a snug fit. It is advised that the cover is not applied too tightly however to minimise the risk of abrasion from the vibrations of travel. To protect the cover we supply a pedal pouch which you will find velcroed to the inside of the cover at the base where the zips meet. It is put on the outer pedal where it touches the cover.

Some vehicle and rack mountings require the handlebar of the inner mounted bike to be rotated 90' to lie parallel to the back of the vehicle to avoid contact with the vehicle while traveling. We accommodate this with a custom pocket for turned handlebars. If you require this design then please choose the Turned Handlebar version when ordering. A small extra fee is charged as each of these covers is individually cut and made.

As our covers are made to fit snugly you will also need to let us know if you have accessories such as baskets, carriers and paniers on your bike and we will add extra gussets or make other alterations as necessary. Some of these alterations attract an extra fee due to the special cutting and making required

Standard colours offered are sage and silver or grey and silver (pictured).  We also offer red as an optional colour, but advise that the red pigment is not as UV stable as the other colours and fading can be expected over time. All combinations of these colours are available, but some are offered only as a custom option. Please choose your colour preference when ordering. 

Each cover is supplied with a sturdy storage bag.

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