Thule 923 Bike Cover



The Thule 923 is a 3-bike version of the Thule 925. The cover has the same fittings as the 925 but with a wider centre-panel to accommodate the extra bike.

Covers are made from Kodra nylon fabric laminated with PVC for strength  and waterproofing. Industrial grade zips create a complete closure of the cover around the towbar fitting and allow the entire unit to tilt forward when needed to allow access to the boot area.

The cover fits tightly around the light fittings, closing with velcro flaps. A clear window allows exposure of the supplimentary number-plate.

Standard covers are made for bikes with 26 - 29" wheels up to 2 metres long. If you have over-sized bikes such as the Specialised Levo model then please contact us to request an XL sized cover.

Covers are supplied with a nylon storage bag and pedal cover to prevent any abrasion of the cover during travel.

Standard colours are grey and silver, and sage and Silver. Grey and red available on request.

SKU: 10005

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