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Our customers are frequently raving about the quality, fit and efficiency of the OCD covers. It is our endeavour to provide you with an equally inspiring product. The covers are designed specifically for each type of bike rack and sized to accommodate your bikes, be they big or small. The fully enclosed covers provide an unequalled level of physical protection and isolation from prying eyes. Installation is a 3-5 minute job that becomes easy with a little practise. External handlebar pockets enable the cover to be made with a slim body line. This eliminates excess fabric and enhances the appearance. The 600 denier, UV resistant, PVC coated polyester fabric doesn’t flap, rub or tear under normal use. The one disappointment has been the colour fade, this is being addressed and soon a new generation of material will be introduced to counter this. Meanwhile, our continuous improvement program is building from the thousands of covers we have on the New Zealand roads and overseas.

Bike Rack Preferences and Recommendations

We do not claim to be bike rack gurus. What we have is a unique position in the New Zealand market because of the sheer number of customers we see, with bike racks, seeking covers. Consequently, we have developed a range of preferred racks catering for motorhomes, camper vans, caravans, and different types of tow bar/hitch systems. Our preferences are biased by the ability to provide practical solutions, value for money and the availability of products. We sell most rack brands; some we prefer to stock.

Please read the section on Specialised Bike Rack Services as this complements our recommendations for bike racks and our commitment to making it easy for customers, young and old, to load and carry bikes on their vehicle(s).

Specialist Bike Rack Services

The decisions you make today regarding your bike rack may impact on your future pleasure and ability to keep riding. Having a practical rack system that is easy and manageable is the number one criterion. Second is the ability to load and mount your bikes so they are safe and secure.

Our specialist services include everything from simply setting up the bikes and mounting arms, so the bikes won’t fall off or get damaged. At the other end of the scale replacing old bike racks with new lift rack technology to existing wall mountings has required some very clever light engineering, as pictured, to make it possible.

To date, we have not had any installations beat us.

We frequently assist customers without charging because we love doing it. Bigger jobs that take a lot of time will be charged. 

You are welcome to phone us or call in to discuss your needs. If visiting, it is helpful if you can make an appointment. Phone 07 888 6194 or sales@matamatasaddlery.co.nz

About Us

Conceived and born in Matamata, OCD Covers is a new division within Matamata Saddlery. Peter and his team have adapted their expertise in horse cover manufacture to meet the challenge to produce high quality covers and transport solutions for the growing E-bike market. 

Now a fast growing business, we manufacture in our Matamata factory to bring you the quality and style that complements your lifestyle and equipment and welcome you to visit us there. We have ample parking for vans and cars at the back entrance to the premises.

It is our mission to have every cycling adventurer equipped with the easiest and best protection for their prized bikes. We will help you to get out there and make the most of our fantastic outdoors no matter your age or physique.


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Let us know if you haven't been able to find the solution that you are after. We custom make covers for any racks and will work with you to achieve a solution that fits your situation. Peter is open to new ideas for products so if there is anything else that we can make for your camper then please let us know by filling out this form or calling Peter on 0272 918 106.


+64 272 918 106 - Peter

+64 7 888 6194 - Retail Store






Production and Despatch site:

56B Firth Street

Matamata 3400

New Zealand


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