OCD Windscreen Covers

Keeping you warm and dry, and protecting your motorhome is why we make these amazing windscreen covers. When you purchase an OCD windscreen cover, it will be made specifically for the brand, model, and the year of registration of your motorhome. This means it will fit like a glove and look fantastic. Two cover concepts are available with different cover sizes depending on your use preference.

Windscreen Cover Applications

Thermal Cover

Attributes and Application  

  • Stops condensation forming on the windscreen overnight.

  • Creates a warmer motorhome interior in winter.

  • It keeps the motorhome cooler in the heat of summer.

  • The cover is made as a three-layer lamination with a durable exterior material front and back and a foil coated thermal break in the middle.

  • The cover is suitable for outside storage.

Heat Reflective Cover 

Attributes and Application  

  • Reflects intense sunlight (& heat) off the windscreen.

  • The cover is made as  a three-layer lamination with a highly reflective outer surface on the front, with a foil coated thermal break in the middle, and a durable exterior material against the windscreen.

  • Stops condensation forming inside overnight (cold conditions).

  • The cover is suitable for outside storage.

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