Does your handlebar hit the back of your vehicle?

Unless you can adjust the rack or change the support arms to create more space between the vehicle and handlebar, the only option is to rotate your handlebar ninety degrees. 
If you do this, your bike cover needs a special pocket to accommodate the rotated handlebar.

Select the preferred option below to order this pocket. To learn more about how we can help if you rotate your handle bars see information further down.

Read more - if you have problems with your bike rack, we can probably help you.

We have three rules:

-Handle bars must not touch or damage the vehicle
-The bikes must be securely and safely attached to the rack
-The handle bars should stay in the normal riding position

To achieve these outcomes, we have developed a range of skills and products that enable us to manipulate racks and support arms.
We are happy to share our experience with you and our support can be provided onsite or remotely
In many cases there is no charge, however we do offer a comprehensive onsite service designed to take the grief away and give you a robust outcome.
A full engineering service is available to resolve tow bar issues, mounting racks, and a special skill in retro fitting new racks (especially lift racks) to existing wall mounts
Auto electrical services are available

Contact Peter Gates to make an appointment - 027 2918 106 or


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