Folding Bike Carry Bag



The carry bag for folding bikes has been designed to make it easy to stow, transport and store your bike.

The carry bag is made from Waterproof Kodra, 600 denier Oxford Polyester with a polypropylene lining.

The four handles make the bagĀ  easy to pick up and maneuver by one or
two people, especially when you are putting it through narrow spaces.

Double zips allow the sides to fold away in all directions, making it easy for you
to place or remove your bike from the wipeable PVC base pad (included).

A separator pad of 10mm closed cell foam covered with polypropylene is supplied to place between the two sides of the folded bike to protect the paintwork of your bike. The ties on the pad include a loop to locate over the handlebar and an adjustable strap with quick-snap closure to allow you to hold the two sides of the bike closely together.

The zips come together at the top of the bag from each side making it easy for you to lock the bag shut if required.

A spare or replacement central separation pad is available if required.

SKU: 10008

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