Specialist Bike Rack Services

The decisions you make today regarding your bike rack may impact on your future pleasure and ability to keep riding. Having a practical rack system that is easy and manageable is the number one criterion. Second is the ability to load and mount your bikes so they are safe and secure.

Our specialist services include everything from simply setting up the bikes and mounting arms, so the bikes won’t fall off or get damaged. At the other end of the scale replacing old bike racks with new lift rack technology to existing wall mountings has required some very clever light engineering, as pictured, to make it possible.

To date, we have not had any installations beat us.
We frequently assist customers without charging because we love doing it. Bigger jobs that take a lot of time will be charged. 

You are welcome to phone us or call in to discuss your needs. If visiting, it is helpful if you can make an appointment. Phone 07 888 6194 or email sales@matamatasaddlery.co.nz


Need something extra to make life easier whilst loading you bikes, be road legal compliant or looking for extra security measures?


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